Tash began her automotive career with Eurofleet refreshing lease end cars for Auction. While working at Eurofleet, Tash began to learn the unique atmosphere of the de-fleet centers, and how the wholesale auto industry worked. She was able to establish herself as a valuable associate and leader within the shops.

Eurofleet was just beginning the service of trim repair, Tash saw an opportunity to learn a specialized service. With her enthusiasm to learn a new skill set; Tash was soon involved with onsite demonstrations to major manufactures on the service of trim repair for Eurofleet. With 20 years of interior repair experience, Tash has been able to develop her own procedures and knows the best product lines out there worldwide.

Tash’s connections with the UK automotive industry and growing client base she soon formed Trim Perfect; and began focused on dealerships and private client repairs near her home in Northamptonshire.

For the past three years; Trim Perfect continued to grow and when CARS Recon could support Tash in the adventure in the US, Trim Perfect grew to an international company.

Tash as the UK/European Director she is currently growing the operations with Dealers and Wholesale Auctions, as well as setting the ground work for franchise opportunities in the UK and in Europe.